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Need to hire a copywriter? Specialising in science and technology services and products, I write unique sales and technical copy for:

  • websites
  • landing pages
  • about pages
  • email marketing
  • blog posts
  • various other settings.
Molecular QED calculations and book.

For the initial discussion:

  • Tell me your requirements via the Contact Me form.
  • I charge by the project (although from £27 an hour is a very rough price guide), so I will provide a ballpark figure for your project.
  • If acceptable, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire (which acts as an enhanced brief) via the online form or I’ll send you a Word document by email.
  • A final quote will be provided (I ask for a 33% deposit). If still acceptable, the discussed project will be completed by the deadline.
  • I’ll probably ask additional questions by email and/or we can discuss the project via Zoom or over the phone.
David Bradshaw outside a cottage with his latest book

What I will do:

  • An expert on a subject can have the ‘curse of knowledge’, which means that a layperson may become quickly confused by their sales message. I will research your service or product and then write in a style that is clearly understandable to the potential customer.
  • Using the information you have provided, I will begin the construction of unique, honest and appealing sales copy.
  • The text will be written using simple and natural language that sells. Use of convoluted wording, which shows how intelligent we are, will be avoided.
  • A clear ‘call-to-action’ will appear at the end of the text, which tells the reader what they should do next.
  • Extensive proofreading and editing will ensure that the text is presented to you in first-class condition.
  • I usually allow two revisions, but more are possible on request. However, I typically set a two-week time limit for completing revisions.

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