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Need writing that sells for your business? I can help.

While your business may have a fantastic product or service, it needs persuasive writing to grow.

As a knowledgeable freelance copywriter, I believe in crushing boring, lifeless marketing clap-trap that infests business writing and, as a result, provide clients with major advantages over their competitors.

Having spent 16 years in academia as a quantum physicist, I have developed writing skills that can explain a complicated, technical subject to a range of different audiences. Overall, I have written 6 books (including Quantum Computing Made Easy), edited an encyclopaedia volume and published 88 research articles.

The abilities I have attained translate perfectly to my role as a copywriter: I can write in various styles and I am comfortable researching products and services. These skills are the foundation for providing written copy that sells. I used these capabilities to co-create my own eCommerce festival clothing store called Utopik (2019 – 2022).  

I am now based in Lancaster, U.K. Visit Timeline of My Background for more information about me.

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