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Do you need new customers to achieve your business goals?

Written text is often the first contact with potential customers. You may only get one chance to impress. So it is incredibly important to produce writing that interests the reader. But words that sell can be tricky to write, this is where I can help.

Business writing is often riddled with jargon, meaningless slogans, pretentious words and smug self-importance. The reader is supposed to be wowed by the intelligence and triumphs of the company. But nothing is further from the truth, the potential customer wants to know the benefits to them.

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Good copywriting needs to:

  • Stand out from the crowd, not copy and paste from other sources.
  • Be sincere, without business speak.
  • Bypass the hard sell.
  • Sound like a human, in order to get the reader hooked.
  • Major on the benefits to the customer, not a monologue about the company.
  • Avoid an unnecessary amount of words, every word has to serve a purpose.
  • Simplify any technical concepts by using language suitable for your audience.

With your assistance, I can write unique and genuine copy for your business. I’m ready to help you gain customers asap, so read more about My Copywriting Service or Contact Me.

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June 24, 2024 5:15 pm

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