Unlock the Power of Words: 55 Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Marketing Success

  1. Don’t sell product, sell better or easier life
  2. Know your target customer
  3. Show your personality and sound natural
  4. Don’t change tone-of-voice because selling
  5. Be honest and clear
  6. Keep the text simple
  7. Cut long sentences into two
  8. Use short paragraphs and short sentences
  9. Replace long words with shorter ones, whenever possible
  10. Cut-out jargon words
  11. Write with a personal tone, use the word ‘you’ often
  12. Don’t be subtle and polite, be bossy
  13. Always keep the language positive
  14. Avoid repetition
  15. Use familiar words, not fancy or clever wording
  16. Consider asking questions in the copy
  17. Circumvent self-indulgent language and superlatives
  18. Avoid passive voice, makes it more personal
  19. The headline, sub-headline and opening paragraph are most important
  20. A concise headline is better than a long one
  21. The aim of the headline is to get the prospect to read the body text
  22. The aim of the first line is to get the prospect to continue reading
  23. Include the most important points at the beginning of the copy
  24. Convert features (facts about service or product) into benefits (what it does for reader)
  25. Write concise sentences, delete unnecessary words that add no extra information
  26. Copy should flow, vary the length of the sentences to improve the rhythm
  27. It is okay to start a sentence with ‘or’, ‘and’ or ‘but’
  28. Use power words, such as ‘free’, ‘imagine’ and ‘instant’
  29. Use sensory words, for example ‘smelly’, ‘sticky’ and ‘sizzling’
  30. Eliminate blandness: replace ‘nice’ with ‘enchanting’ or ‘delightful’, for example
  31. Avoid ‘excellent service’, sounds like marketing speak
  32. Don’t use exclamation marks
  33. Use bullet points to make it easier to read
  34. Boost your credibility by backing-up your claims with facts
  35. Use precise numbers to gain more credibility
  36. Be specific, some technical details are a sign of expertise
  37. Write numbers as digits, not in words
  38. Always include a caption for each image
  39. Use contractions, whenever possible
  40. Don’t be afraid of writing too much text, but it must be necessary and informative
  41. Maybe add a few keywords for SEO purposes, but do not overdo it
  42. If there are known objections, address them in the copy
  43. Use testimonials and case studies from customers
  44. But avoid sugary testimonials that sound fake
  45. Add awards received, well-known customers or appearances in the press
  46. Quote any useful statistics or survey results
  47. Use a call-to-action to nudge readers into buying
  48. On a form button, use ‘sign me up’ etc. not simply ‘submit’
  49. The reader is far more interested in the benefits to them, not your company accomplishments
  50. Although the ‘about page’ is about your company also include some benefits to the customer
  51. Avoid using the words ‘very’, ‘actually’ and ‘really’, whenever possible
  52. Other words to delete: ‘ought’, ‘perhaps’, ‘in my opinion’, ‘truly’ and ‘just’ 
  53. Consider the use of storytelling in the copy
  54. Buy one, get one free, rather than 50% off each item
  55. 7 out of 10, rather than 70%


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